Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

Anna Glynn DWELLING Regional Futures South Coast Arts NSW Casula Powerhouse Museum © Anna Glynn 2023

Anna Glynn, 'DWELLING' video still © Anna Glynn 2023
2023 OpenField Contemporary Art Festival | 2023 Regional Futures Casula Powerhouse

Latest News

2023 International Women's Day Arts Award

Very honoured to receive the 2023 International Women's Day Arts Award from Zonta Berry in the Women of the Shoalhaven Awards. Congratulations to all who were nominated, the winners and the committee and members who made this award possible. Big shout out and thanks to all the sponsors ⁠

2022 - 2023 Speaking Water Exhibition

Curated by Anna Glynn

Five artists began a journey in 2021 with online conversations where water became the central motif to explore and strengthen their connections, reflecting on their original homelands and countries where they work. They shared videos, audio, spoken word, writing and song in an online folder, as a communal source of material to draw upon.

“Speaking Water” is a vessel for video artworks, interwoven at times with recurring imagery and sound; a watery excursion composed of animation, experimental video, performance and more. The series ebbs and flows just as water does, contemplating a voyage through time from the ancient ice and glaciers, rivers, waves and seas, to clouds and rain.

Artists: Jasmine Cederqvist – Sweden, Anna Glynn – Australia, Simone Hooymans – the Netherlands and Norway, Emily Jay – USA and Italy, Anastasia Savinova - Sweden and Russia.

The BAS | Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre
11 February - 12 March 2023
Opening event - Friday 10 February, 5.30-7.30pm

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery
1 October – 26 November 2022
Panel Discussion - How we Collaborate Digitally
Join a panel discussion focused on collaborative practice and digital engagement, featuring Speaking Water artists. Panelists include Speaking Water artists, Anastasia Savinova, Emily Jay and Anna Glynn, Simone Hooymans and Jasmine Cederqvist online.

2022 - 2023 Commissioned NSW Regional Futures Artist
2023 Regional Futures Exhibition & Symposium Casula Powerhouse

Excited to be selected to be part of this state-wide program of creative development and conversations that places artists at the centre of a dialogue exploring a future vision for the place where they live and create. Regional Futures will culminate with the showcasing in Sydney of new works developed as part of the project.

2023 Regional Futures Exhibition & Symposium
24 June - 17 September 2023 ⁠

2023 OpenField Contemporary Art Festival, Berry NSW

Honoured to be one of the invited artists to participate in this new multidisciplinary arts festival to be held in the South Coast town of Berry NSW in June 2023. OpenField will be showcasing contemporary art in and around the town in unique spaces as well as performances, talks, live music and atmospheric events. "The OpenField curators are putting together a stellar program of local and visiting artists across disciplines of sculpture, dance, photography, performance, painting, installation, music and Indigenous art."

I will be creating a dual projection installation incorporating moving image and sound in the Ante-Room of the Pavilion at the Berry Showgrounds. This work explores the intersection of our human world and our local landscape by reimagining local built structures around Berry, such as churches, halls and pavilions and inserting layers of moving images of local wild life into silhouettes of the buildings, they then become portals to the past and the flora and fauna previously on these sites.

Berry, NSW 22 - 25 June 2023

2022 Finalist Halloran Contemporary Art Prize
2023 Acquired Halloran Trust Collection

Thrilled that my photomontage ‘SOLD’ has been acquired by the Halloran Trust for their collection during the inaugural Halloran Contemporary Art Prize at Jervis Bay Maritime Museum 2023.

The Halloran Contemporary Art Prize, includes works that engage and respond to the Halloran Collection: Science and the Sea, the wonderful, mysterious collection displayed in the manner of an 18th Century Curiosity Cabinet.

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum, NSW
3rd December 2022 – 5th February 2023 ⁠

2022 Finalist Heysen Prize for Landscape

Honoured to be selected as a finalist in this thoughtful exhibition focusing on our Australian environment.This year, Hahndorf Academy’s Heysen Prize for Landscape has a focus on the environment and climate concerns. In an era of rapid climate change, battling fire and flood, drought and destruction, Australia has one of the highest loss of plant and animal species in the world.⁠

Hahndorf Academy, South Australia
19 November 2022 – 22 January 2023 ⁠

2022 Omnia Art Prize

A photomontage work from my series of self portraits referencing the Madonna has been selected as a finalist. In this series I explore my relationship with landscape, history, nature and self. My inescapable catholic upbringing surfaces to become entwined with memories and imagery from my childhood, at times presenting in a confusing overlap between religious imagery and a Disney film.

The Omnia Art Prize is one of Australia’s premier art awards for contemporary art. Thank you to Guest Judge, Charlotte Day, Director at the Monash University Museum of Art for including my work.

St Kevin’s College, Melbourne
28 May to May 30 ⁠

2022 Mandorla Art Award

My moving image work 'Between Earth and Heaven' has been selected as a finalist in the Mandorla Art Award, Australia’s most significant thematic Christian art prize.

In "Between Earth and Heaven", delicate, ever-changing clouds embrace a diaphanous figure interpreting Isaiah 43:19 in Auslan, a natural, distinct visual sign language - the human body conveying the text in a poetic dance, segueing into gestures of metamorphosis.

Holmes à Court Gallery, Perth
21 May – 10 June 2022 ⁠ ⁠

2022 Percival Photographic Portrait Prize

My photomontage work was selected with criteria including technique, composition, concept and execution as a finalist in the 2022 Percival Photographic Portrait Prize, held at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. The Percivals are regarded as one of Australia’s leading art prizes.

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
22 April – 3 July 2022 ⁠ ⁠

2022 Finalist Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing

My work ‘Landscape Theatre Wyangala’⁠ has been selected as a finalist in the Perry Prize. Adelaide Perry Gallery received over 400 entries for the 17th Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing. The annual $25,000 acquisitive prize, generously supported by PLC Sydney Parents and Friends’ Association, drew entries from across Australia and the College was delighted to have the participation and expertise of Dr Andrew Frost, art critic, lecturer and broadcaster, as judge, who created a shortlist of 46 finalists.

Adelaide Perry Gallery
By appointment only (to book email
26 February – 25 March 2022 ⁠

2021 Finalist FLOW National Contemporary Watercolour Prize

A biennial acquisitive art prize encouraging innovation and experimentation. Finalists were selected by Dr Andrew Frost, writer, lecturer, documentary maker and itinerant art critic.

⁠In ‘Gould’s Thylacine Swallows Glover and Piguenit’ an extinct Australian native animal silhouette ‘swallows’ a series of Tasmanian colonial landscapes to create a multi-hued antipodean anomaly - an abstracted layered historical mashup referencing John Gould, John Glover, William Charles Piguenit.⁠ ⁠

Wollongong Art Gallery
October 16 2021 - March 13 2022

2022 Awarded State Library NSW, Artist in Residence, Australia

After the delays and disruptions during 2021 I will take up an invitation from the State Library, NSW to be Artist in Residence during 2022. I will create new works that respond and highlight their collection. This is a great opportunity to work within a major state institution and have access to an incredible collection.

During the residency I will undertake research into their collection, examine artworks, records and documents that reference both colonial and European imagery. My starting point comes from my interest in the Northern Hemisphere's historical notion of the antipodes and Australia as a remote fantastical land and the failure to recognise the country as Aboriginal land. Antipodal points being as far away from each other as possible, reflects both the past and contemporary attitudes to colonisation, culture, geography, flora and fauna. As a response to this I have created the term Eurotipodes which sets out to challenge the notion that the Northern Hemisphere is the right way up, and hence structured and civilized and we are uncivilized curiosities. ⁠

Much appreciation to the State Library NSW for this fabulous opportunity and to Create NSW and Orana Arts for their support. This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.⁠

View State Library NSW

2022 Awarded Artist in Residence Old School Mt Wilson, Australia

An interdisciplinary collaboration of art and science with environmental ecologist Peter Dalmazzo, exploring the Blue Mountains Basalt Forest endangered ecological community.

March 2022

2021 Finalist Gosford Art Prize, Australia

My work was selected from a record 951 entries across Australia.
COVID Safe dates for the exhibition will be advised shortly.

Gosford Regional Gallery

2021 Finalist Stanthorpe Photography Awards, Australia

My selected work is from my Fleeting Lyrebird series which forms part of my Iso Voyeur project created during the disasters of 2020/21. Drought, fires, evacuations, floods and the pandemic created an opportunity for me to consciously engage and celebrate in my isolation and the surrounding Illawarra escarpment rainforest landscape.⁠

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery (SRAG)
22 October to 28 November 2021

2021 Finalist Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award, Australia

I was awarded second prize in the Digital Section by the judge Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director, Gallery & Visual Arts at HOTA Home of the Arts Gold Coast.⁠

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum
16 October 2021 to 29 January 2022

2021 MAY SPACE Online Project Artist, Australia


My project for MAY SPACE Online brings together Iso Voyeur, Cloudbird and Fleeting Lyrebird. A new series of moving image video artworks and photomontages created during the disasters of 2020/21, when drought, fires, evacuations, floods and the pandemic created an opportunity for me to consciously engage and celebrate in my isolation and the surrounding landscape. A series of works that feature the lyrebird exploring my continuing engagement with nature and the surrounding rainforest environment.

1 - 31 July
Exhibition Online Now

2021 Awarded Co!Lab @CORRIDOR Visual Artist Residency

In November 2021 I will be Visual Artist in Residence at The CORRIDOR project which is co-produced by Orana Arts and The CORRIDOR project. I will spend time in collaboration with scientist Peter Dalmazzo at the Co!Lab @CORRIDOR AIR site near Cowra working on a new project that extends and builds upon my previous exploration into landscape and nature. This time the practice of ‘ground truthing’ is my focus as a way to examine landscape and topography.

Thank you to Orana Arts, the CORRIDOR project and Create NSW for supporting and nurturing regional artists. The Co!Lab @CORRIDOR AIR - Program was co-produced by Orana Arts and The CORRIDOR project.

View Orana Arts
View The CORRIDOR project

2021 Acquired Australian Parliament House Art Collection PHAC

My moving image work ‘…love kindness…walk humbly…’ has been acquired by the Parliament House Art Collection PHAC Australia for their permanent collection.

The work focuses on the 2020 catastrophic Black Summer bushfires. I documented the local devastated landscape, flora and fauna recording the subsequent changes. In my studio surrounded by smoke and uncertainty between evacuations I gave consideration to the overwhelming elemental power of nature to destroy and renew.⁠⁠

Great appreciation and thanks to: music by Scott Buckley –, Warren & Terhi, Mark Johnson, Greg Jessop, The Hole family and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

View a short excerpt here.

‘…love kindness…walk humbly…’ has also been recognised:
2021 Acquired by the National Museum of Australia
2020 Finalist Mandorla Art Award
2020 Finalist Heysen Prize for Landscape
2020 Winner People's Choice Award, Heysen Prize for Landscape

2021 Acquired National Museum of Australia

My moving image work ‘…love kindness…walk humbly…’ has been acquired by the National Museum Australia for their permanent collection.

Created in 2020 during the Black Summer catastrophic bushfire season, I began to document my local devastated landscape, flora and fauna to record the changes after the initial fires subsided.

In my studio surrounded by smoke and uncertainty between evacuations I had given deep consideration to the overwhelming elemental power of nature to destroy and renew. ⁠

Great appreciation and thanks to: music by Scott Buckley –, Warren & Terhi, Mark Johnson, Greg Jessop, The Hole family and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

View a short excerpt here.

‘…love kindness…walk humbly…’ has also been recognised:
2020 Finalist Mandorla Art Award
2020 Finalist Heysen Prize for Landscape
2020 Winner People's Choice Award, Heysen Prize for Landscape

2021 Acquired Shoalhaven City Art Collection

Two works from my Promiscuous Provenance 2018 - 2021 National Touring Exhibition have been acquired for the Shoalhaven City Art Collection. 'Black Swan / After Port Jackson Painters’ and ‘Colonial Hybrid Reimagined from Raper - Gum-plant, & kangooroo of New-Holland 1789’ will join the wonderful collection of Australian artist's works.

The Shoalhaven City Art Collection was established to: collect contemporary and historical works of visual art of demonstrable excellence by artists of significance with an emphasis on Australian artists and artists who have a connection to the Shoalhaven and to establish a valuable collection of Regional significance and National interest.

2021 Finalist Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing

My work ‘Native Dog Swallows Julia Johnstone’⁠ has been selected from over 480 entries by the esteemed judge, artist Lindy Lee, who selected 44 finalists.

‘Native Dog Swallows Julia Johnstone’, an imprecise Australian native fauna silhouette ‘swallows’ a colonial portrait to create a romantic antipodean anomaly. The profile of the dingo is sharp, controlled and disconnected from the surrounds. Contained within the silhouette, the landscape is tamed, a flower garden flourishes, a pup stares out and the young woman is outfitted in an azure gown unsuitable for the local climate. This is an incongruous early European vision of Australia, a physical imposition, transplanted. ⁠

The premier event is the $25,000 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing.
Adelaide Perry Gallery
PLC Sydney
26 February – 26 March 2021

2021 Finalist Nillumbik Prize for Contemporary Art (NPCA)

My moving image work 'Water Forest' was selected for this prestigious biennial acquisitive art prize.

Finalists were selected by Francis E. Parker, Curator - Exhibitions, Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA), Jade Bitar, Visual Arts Officer, City of Stonnington, and Helen Walpole, Independent Art and Museum Curator

Winners will be selected by Annika Kristensen, Senior Curator, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Georgia Cribb, Director, Bunjil Place Gallery, and Victoria Lynn, Director, Tarrawarra Museum of Art.

Barn Gallery
6 May to 1 July 2021

2020 Finalist Heysen Prize for Landscape
2020 Winner People's Choice Award

My moving image/video work was selected by judges Hugo Michell and Fulvia Mantelli. The judges reviewed each work with careful consideration, in particular with the deep connection or concern for the Australian Landscape and environment.

The Heysen Prize for Landscape 2020, $20,000 acquisitive art prize will be awarded to the work judged best of the finalist exhibition by Hugo Michell and Fulvia Mantelli.

Hahndorf Academy
12 December 2020 – 14 February 2021

2020 Finalist Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize

My photomontage work ‘Superimposition, Colonial Selfie, I’m Extant, They’re Extinct’ has been selected as a finalist in the 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize. The Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize is a biennial prize open to artists Australia wide and is now in its 7th year. The judge in 2020 is artist Abdul Abdullah and the winner will receive $10,000 (acquisitive prize). The exhibition will be on display from 7 November 2020 until 31 January 2021.

Lismore Regional Gallery
7 November 2020 until 31 January 2021

My work ‘Superimposition, Colonial Selfie, I’m Extant, They’re Extinct’ is composed of two layers: an original photographic self-portrait and submerged beneath this diaphanous image is an image of my watercolour self-portrait. In this I stand with arms raised, a supplicant. My body is infilled with my reimagined renditions of Australian colonial fauna paintings. The native animals depicted are now extinct, vanished, missing and gone forever. A portent for us?

2020 Finalist Fisher’s Ghost Art Award - FGAA

Excited to be selected as a finalist in the 2020 Fisher’s Ghost Art Award. The Fisher’s Ghost Art Award is an annual art prize in its 58th year, with a total of $36,000 in prize money to be won. The Open section is acquisitive to the Campbelltown City Council collection and is valued at $25,000.

Campbelltown Arts Centre
Saturday 31 October – Friday 11 December 2020

In this reimagined hybrid landscape, I reference 'Portrait of a Large Dog' (Dingo), commissioned by Sir Joseph Banks and painted from an inflated pelt by George Stubbs. An inaccurate Australian native fauna silhouette swallows a menagerie of loosely stylized ponies by Stubbs to create a romantic antipodean anomaly.

2020 Finalist Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting

Thrilled to be selected as a finalist in the 2020 Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting. A unique triennial $20,000 non acquisitive art prize celebrating excellence and innovation.
Exhibition at QCA, Griffith University Queensland College of Art, South Bank, Brisbane
26 November - 12 December 2020

In this re-interpretation, I am referencing historical images from early Australian artists through a naïve playful engagement and expressing a nostalgia for a somewhat fictional antipodean wonderland. A loose impression of the arcadian landscape of Eugene von Guerard’s ‘Stoneleigh, Beaufort near Ararat, Victoria’ is captured within the silhouette of ‘Henry F. Stone and his Durham ox’ by Thomas Flintoff.

2020 Finalist Basil Sellers Art Prize

My work 'Extinction Game - Eastern Hare Wallaby' has been selected as a finalist in the 2020 Basil Sellers Art Prize, $20,000 (acquisitive) to be held at at The BAS - Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre in Moruya from 10 October – 8 November 2020.

'Extinction Game - Eastern Hare Wallaby' responds to devastation and renewal in our local South Coast fire-ravaged landscape. Influenced by colonial images, the extinct Eastern Hare Wallaby sits, a losing player upon a black and white chess board. Referencing: a game, burnt and unburnt, race, colonial floorcloths, alternations of good and bad?

2020 Finalist Percival Portrait Painting Prize

I have been selected as a finalist in the 2020 Percival Portrait Painting Prize, $40,000 (acquisitive) to be held at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery from 22 May until 19 July 2020.

2018 - 2021 Promiscuous Provenance

Grant Success for Major Touring Exhibition 2018 - 2021. I am excited to announce a major grant from the Australian Government's Visions of Australia program ($75,502), towards the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery national tour of my Promiscuous Provenance solo exhibition, taking the work to a regional and national audience through to 2021 - 10 galleries across QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA.

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum NSW
12 December 2020 - 1 March 2021

In the Promiscuous Provenance series, I indulge my perpetual curiosity to lead me back in time to an intersection of worlds. By re-interpreting images of the Australian colonial painters through an almost naive playful engagement, the artworks express a nostalgia for an antipodean wonderland before the imprint of colonization was stamped over the landscape and its inhabitants. This is a world of fantasia, a place on the cusp of reality and imagination, populated by bizarre reimagined hybrid characters and featuring strange natural history tableaux. In essence this is a fantasy leading us to reflect and to reawaken our sense of wonder with our surrounding environment and contemplate the reality of this period of history.

Touring locations:
Shoalhaven Regional Gallery NSW 2018
Margaret Whitlam Gallery NSW 2018
Noosa Regional Gallery QLD March 15 - April 28 2019
The World Theatre Charters Towers QLD May 10 - June 30 2019
Basil Sellers Exhibition Space Moruya NSW August 9 - September 1 2019
Australian National Botanic Gardens ACT January 17 - March 8 2020
Hahndorf Academy SA June 1 - July 12 2020
Swan Hill Regional Gallery VIC July 17 - August 30 2020
Hawkesbury Regional Gallery NSW September 4 - October 21 2020
Orange Regional Gallery NSW October 30 - December 13 2020
Jervis Bay Maritime Museum NSW December 12 2020 - February 28 2021

Promiscuous Provenance catalogue
Promiscuous Provenance documentary
Promiscuous Provenance tour images

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government's Visions of Australia program.

Anna Thompson has produced and directed a short film on myself and the preparations in creating 'Promiscuous Provenance'.

2020 Finalist Mandorla Art Award

My work has been selected as a finalist in the 2020 Mandorla Art Award, Australia’s most significant thematic Christian art prize.

The prize for ”contemporary religious art is Australia’s most significant thematic Christian art prize, attracting some of the country’s finest artists since its 1985 inception” Shortlisted artworks will be exhibited as part of the finalists exhibition at STALA Contemporary in Perth Western Australia. The exhibition of finalists artwork has been rescheduled for 20 March – 9 April 2021 at STALA Contemporary.

As an artist I especially enjoy the challenge of the Mandorla Art Award as I research, read and consider the quotation and the best way to interpret and present my vision of its meaning.

2020 Mandorla Art Award
Stala Contemporary - Perth, Australia
TBA 2021

2020 Finalist Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize

My drawing ‘Extinction Game’ has been selected for the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize 2020. Created whilst in a stressful state listening to the RFS fire scanners during the bushfire evacuations in a studio surrounded by smoke and uncertainty. The work is influenced by colonial historical images and references black and white as race, as ‘chequered’ speaking of alternations of good and bad, as a game, as colonial floorcloths, as the French escheker connected with finance/revenue and more specifically the game of chess. The wallaby on the right is the macropus greyi – the Toolache wallaby which is now extinct and featured beautiful dark face markings.

Of the selection process Dr Fenner said, "Entries for this year’s Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize closed on 8th January, as bushfires were raging across our country with catastrophic impact on the natural environment. Not surprisingly given the timing, this year’s entries to the Prize were dominated by depictions of the land. Some artists envisaged the fires in full force, many drew desolate landscapes scorched to the ground, while others captured in images the apocalyptic smoke haze shrouding the city."

2020 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing Exhibition
29 February – 27 March
8.30 am – 4.00 pm weekdays and 11.00 am – 4.00 pm Saturdays
Adelaide Perry Gallery

2020 Art of Threatened Species Exhibition

In an interdisciplinary collaborative project, artist Anna Glynn & biologist Peter Dalmazzo focus on the Mt Kaputar Snail and Slug Threatened Ecological Community, which includes all that is on the mountain top, embracing the complete ecosystem including the hero species which is a giant pink slug that occurs nowhere else in the world.

As a response to the Mt Kaputar unique mountain top environment, Glynn has created the installation 'Marooned', an environmentally thematic installation reinforcing current universal ecological themes through the ephemeral nature of moving image and the textile element of photomontage on diaphanous chiffon, semitransparent, transient and as nature is, delicate and fragile.

Art of Threatened Species Exhibition.
Western Plains Cultural Centre
9th November 2019 - 2nd February 2020

The Art of Threatened Species is a collaboration between the artists, the Department of Planning Industry & Environment, Create NSW and Orana Arts, in recognition of the Saving Our Species program.

2019 'Marooned' Exhibition - Museum of New Art, Estonia

In a partnership between the Matsalu Nature Film Festival - MAFF and the Museum of New Art - MONA in Estonia, I created ‘Marooned’, a series of compelling intimate thematic installations at MONA. These works addressed nature, ecology, history and environment, embracing art as a way to pursue meaningful conversations and exchanges.

My work 'Swan Saga, a photomontage/wallpaper has been acquired by the Museum of New Art - MONA in Estonia for their collection. The first Australian artist to be in their collection.

MONA - Estonia September 6 - September 26 2019
'Marooned' - moving image short excerpt

2019 The Lester Prize Semi-Finalist

My work has been selected to be featured in The Lester Prize for Portraiture’s 2019 Salon des Refusés and Big Screen displays. Selected from over 400 entries from artists across Australia, the works are selected for their quality, diversity...

Perth, Western Australia November 2019 - February 2020.
Check The Lester Prize website for venues and locations.

2019 Finalist Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize

An annual prize founded to advance art, opportunity and to help raise the profile of female artists in Australia.

My work "George Stubbs’ 1773, Inflatable Dingo" explores the back story behind Stubbs, the renowned British animal painter of the 18th century and his commission by Sir Joseph Banks to create a painting of a dingo without ever seeing one. He was given a pelt which he inflated as his model to create 'Portrait of a Large Dog' (Dingo).

My reimagining of Stubbs work incorporates his peculiar silhouette of the dingo and a menagerie of his reference material. I am drawn to this time in colonial history where depictions of unfamiliar fauna were often strange and curious, intrigued by natural history exploration and discovery where new creatures existed just beyond the horizon.

The Exhibition of Finalists is from Saturday 1 June to Sunday 9 June. The Exhibition is open daily from 10.00am to 4.00pm, closing at 2.00pm on the final day, 9 June. Free admission.
Centenary Centre at Ravenswood School for Girls, Henry Street, Gordon

2018 Selected for Biennale Of Australian Art

I am happy to announce my official selection for the Biennale Of Australian Art 2018… “festival of visual art showcasing over 150 of Australia’s most innovative contemporary artists from across Australia. The Biennale Of Australian Art will tell Australian stories; stories of our past, present and future. It will reflect what it means to be Australian today. It will have a strong Aboriginal focus as well as celebrating our multiculturalism. It will be an exhibition that marks our time and place within history.”

I will be presenting 'Swan Song', a new installation work referencing the colonial art collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the Ballarat Botanical Gardens in the Eureka Village Precinct - George Farmer Building as well as suite of moving image works in BOAA Dark.

View images of Swan Song installation design and site research
September 21 to November 6 2018
BOAA Video

2018 Finalist Heysen Prize for Landscape

This biennial contemporary art prize invites artists to express their deep connection with – or concern for – the Australian landscape and environment. I have developed a new moving image work called Antipodean Nocturne | Extinction

‘Antipodean Nocturne Extinction’ interrogates the relationship between man and nature and the story of our human endeavours to transform the Australian landscape through a European aesthetic. Over the duration of the work, text is gradually introduced to a cataclysmic storm. Lightning flashes reveal the impact and consequences of our intervention, a list of Australian animals extinct since European arrival in 1788, creatures forever gone from this landscape.

Hahndorf Academy, South Australia 2018

2018 Finalist Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA)

The JADA provides artists who reside in Australia a unique opportunity to explore the complexity of drawing. The award seeks to encourage and promote innovation and excellence and plays a vital role in fostering Australian drawing practice.

The unique and impressive JADA collection exemplifies the developments and changing parameters of contemporary drawing since 1988. The collection explores the way that drawing resonates as a contemporary medium, demonstrating the relevance and strength of drawing. The collection has attractively developed through the tastes, opinions and approaches of the various judges into a collection that is compelling, thought provoking, innovative, exuberant, and diverse.

Manning Regional Art Gallery 2019
Hervey Bay Regional Gallery 2019
Griffith Regional Gallery 2020
Latrobe Regional Gallery 2020
Tamworth Regional Gallery 2020

2018 Finalist Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

The Waterhouse exhibition is Australia’s premier natural science art prize and invites artists to present their perspectives on the scientific issues facing our planet to ignite thought and debate among viewers - a compelling display of science seen through the eyes of compelling artists.

My work was chosen from a strong field of entries by competition judges Chris Saines (Director, Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art), Barbara Maria Stafford (independent writer, curator and speaker exploring the visual arts and sciences), Angela Valamanesh (contemporary Australian artist) and Brian Oldman (Director, South Australian Museum).

The exhibition will be on at the South Australian Museum from Friday 8 June until Sunday 5 August.

2018 Finalist Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize

Exhibition - Saturday 16 June to Sunday 24 June .

The Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize is an annual prize that was founded to advance art and opportunity for emerging and established female artists in Australia. Inspiring and connecting female visual artists, this significant Art Prize will strengthen the profile and legitimacy of careers in art for current and future generations of Australian women.

2017 Acquired by Parliament House Art Collection

My moving image work 'Above and Below' has been acquired by the Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra, Australia. This major public collection is of significant heritage value and is created specifically for Parliament House.

View short excerpt of 'Above and Below' →

2018 Finalist Wyndham Art Prize, Australia

Very excited to be selected as a finalist in the 2018 Wyndham Art Prize. The exhibition dates are 29th March to 11th June. The opening is on the 29th March from 6.30 to 8.30pm. Congratulations to all the finalists!

Wyndham Cultural Centre

2017 Finalist Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Prize, Australia

My work ‘Colonial Hybrid: Stubbs Kongouro 1770 in Ballgown from Ann Marsden 1820' has been selected as a finalist in the Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Prize 2017. The work is from my new ‘Promiscuous Provenance’ series which will be on tour 2018 – 2020.

The Colonial Hybrid is a composite work, an amalgamation of historical imagery both real and reimagined. In Governor John Hunter’s late 1700s journal kept on board the Sirius, on seeing the Australian landscape and flora and fauna for the first time he described the creatures he saw as coming about through ‘a promiscuous intercourse between the different sexes of all these different animals’. I have expanded and elaborated on Hunter’s idea of “promiscuous intercourse” to create my own strange antipodean creature, a hybrid manifestation of colonial fauna illustration and the human form cloaked in surviving costumery.

Judges this year include: John Macdonald: Art critic & columnist, Prof. Colin Rhodes Former Dean, Sydney College of the Arts and Mr. Salvatore Zofrea - Artist.
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre, Sydney
Dates: 24th Nov 2017 - 25th Jan 2018
Opening Reception: 24th Nov 2017, 6-8pm

View finalist artworks.

2017 Finalist Kilgour Prize, Australia

My work ‘Colonial Hybrid: George Raper Kangooroo of New Holland 1789 in evening dress from Anna King 1805’ has been selected as a finalist in the KILGOUR PRIZE 2017, Newcastle Art Gallery’s national art prize recognising the finest examples of Australian figurative and portrait painting - one of Australia’s most lucrative art awards, with $50,000 going to the winning artist.

Early this year, Newcastle Art Gallery invited artists to submit entries, and the judging panel selected 30 finalists from over 370 entries received from artists across the country.

Newcastle Art Gallery
Saturday 5 August to Sunday 15 October 2017
10am to 5pm Tue to Sun, 7 days during school holidays

2017 Finalist Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize

My moving image work ‘Flourish – Metamorphosis’ has been selected from a field of 780 entries as a finalist in the inaugural 2017 Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize, the richest professional art prize for women in Australia - $35,000. This is an annual prize founded to advance art and opportunity for emerging and established female artists in Australia and to strengthen the profile and legitimacy of careers in art for current and future generations of Australian women.

‘Flourish – Metamorphosis’, a meditation on nature, explores the delicate abstract patterns created through an intimate view of tadpole metamorphosis. Captured underwater closely from below, an almost painterly sfumato effect is created.

Ravenswood School for Girls, 20 Henry St, Gordon
Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August: 12.00pm-4.00pm
Monday 7 August to Friday 11 August: 8.00am-4.00pm
Saturday 12 August 9.00am-1.00pm

2017 Finalist Wyndham Art Prize, Australia

My moving image/video work ‘McCubbin’s Dream’ has been selected as a finalist in the Wyndham Art Prize - a major Australian exhibition. The work is a visual meditation on Australian landscape that plays with the notion of what one of our beloved Australian artists may have done if given a video camera. Frederick McCubbin was one of the first artists of his era to own a car so he apparently was not averse to embracing new technologies. I imagine him with his camera trained upon the landscape: flashes of eucalypts, soaring trunks of trees, soft light filtering through…an artist in his element.

Wyndham Cultural Centre
Opening: 5 April - 6.30 to 8.30pm
Dates: 6 April to 11 June 2017
Exhibition invitation

2017 Artist in Residence 'Interface', Ireland

A new multimedia art and science project working in an interdisciplinary collaboration with biologist Peter Dalmazzo. Thank you to the Inagh Valley Trust for awarding this residency in County Galway, Ireland and creating the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the stunning Connemara landscape. The Inagh Valley Trust was established in 2008 with a mission to ‘enhance society through enterprise, research and creative thinking’.

2017 Introducing V exhibition at MAY SPACE, Sydney

I will be showing this year with MAY SPACE, formerly known as Brenda May Gallery (2001-2016) in Sydney. I have been invited to show in their forthcoming Introducing V exhibition, 28 March to 22 April 2017. I am one of five artists selected for an exhibition that aims to showcase the work of a small group of artists who are new to the Gallery.

Exhibition opening April 1st, 3- 5 pm
Exhibition invitation

2016 Finalist 2016 Heysen Prize for Landscape

'Cane' is a meditative exploration of land and place.

My moving image work ‘Cane’ has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 Heysen Prize for Landscape. This is a biennial award that encourages artists to express their deep connection with, or their deep concern for, the Australian landscape and environment.

Hahndorf Academy South Australia
8 October - 4 December 2016

2016 Winner Noosa Art Award – 'Cane' moving image/video

2016 Noosa Art Award Judge’s Comment:

“I like the ambition of this work, the way in which it speaks to the theme of modern Australian landscape...The trajectory of the fire is evocatively captured, the cataclysmic fireworks, the accompanying soundscape, and then the denouement, bringing to mind the cycle of day and night, the trajectory of other natural weather events, the human journey itself.”

Louise Martin-Chew, 2016 Judge Noosa Art Award

Noosa Regional Gallery
Official opening 5pm, 7 May
Exhibition dates: 6 May - 26 June

2016 Finalist Mandorla Art Award

My video/moving image work 'Presence' has been selected as a finalist in Australia’s most significant thematic Christian art prize which now ranks among major Australian art awards, in both artistic excellence and prize value. The 2016 theme is ‘The Resurrection’. The work has been acquired for the collection of St John of God Healthcare, Mandorla’s major sponsor.

'Presence' is a meditative exploration, veiled by mist and diaphanous imagery. Shrouded within the work are three images of The Resurrection of Jesus taken from historical paintings by Bellini, Murillo and Bloch. ‘Presence’ is an intimate work created within the immediate and personal environment surrounding the artist’s home in the coastal Australian rainforest. A timeless landscape is embedded with spirituality and beauty, a place of swirling mists, birdsong, the clouds of heaven.

Music by Ben Cosgrove; field recordings & sound editing by Anna Glynn

Exhibition at Linton and Kay Gallery Perth
Exhibition dates: July 15-24

2016 Finalist Stanthorpe Art Festival

My ink and pencil work "Memory of Birds & Trees - Nature Entwined - 3" was selected by Ron Ramsey from over 1400 international entries.

The Nature Entwined series contains playful allegorical references...tales of relationships within nature...allusions to the connection of all aspects of our natural world...merging of the creatures and plant life...forms combine...myths and characters intersect.

June 3rd - July 17th 2016
Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

2016 Finalist Wyndham Art Prize – moving image/video work

“An exhibition of local, national and international artists showcasing some of the best in contemporary art.”

Wyndham Cultural Centre
Exhibition dates: 17 March to 1 May

2015 Artist in Residence Dry Tortugas Islands

An exciting project spending thirty days marooned on a tiny island as the first Artist in Residence with the National Parks Arts Foundation and National Parks Service USA on Loggerhead Key in the Dry Tortugas National Park.

Recipient 2015 Kedumba Drawing Award

Very excited that my drawing 'Awaiting Discovery' has been selected for acquisition to the Kedumba Collection of Australian Drawings

“I like the concept of this as much as its execution – within the inkblot shape of the kangaroo are line drawings of ships and birds alluding to long sea journeys, and strange new sights, like the scrimshaw work of a becalmed sailor.”... 2015 Kedumba Award judge Tom Carment

“The Kedumba Collection has become the most representative collection of drawings of this period in this country.”
John Olsen AO OBE

Orange Regional Gallery
12 September to 15 November 2015

‘The Sun Worshipper’ in conjunction Max Dupain’s The Sunbaker

I have been invited by the Shoalhaven City Arts Centre to show my video work ‘The Sun Worshipper’ in conjunction with the The Van Dyke Album: Max Dupain, The Sunbaker and Culburra. The album documents a camping trip by Max Dupain, Olive Cotton and their friends to Culburra in the Shoalhaven during 1937. It gives context to Australia’s most iconic photograph, The Sunbaker.

Unknown to the curators at the gallery was the fact earlier in my life I had lived and sunned on the beaches of Culburra. It seems serendipitous that my video work ‘The Sun Worshipper’ should accompany Dupain’s story and tell another experience of Australian beach culture.

An exhibition sourced from the State Library of NSW.
Shoalhaven City Arts Centre 28th November 2015 – to 30th January 2016

2015 Byron Bay International Film Festival Official Selection
'The Sun Worshipper'

My short film 'The Sun Worshipper' has been accepted into the Byron Bay International Film Festival's 2015 Official Selection.

The Byron Bay International Film Festival (BBFF) is Australia’s largest regional film festival, AACTA Awards accredited BBFF is a platform for outstanding independent film talent, showcasing a uniquely rich and diverse program of entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking films. It’s a festival that fuses artistry, education and innovation, enhancing our worldview and collective social dialogue through the power and storytelling of film.

2015 Artist in Residence
Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Oregon, USA

During 2015 multimedia artist Anna Glynn and biologist Peter Dalmazzo teamed up at the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology in Oregon, USA. In an interdisciplinary collaboration they explored the Sitka landscape – a place where land, estuary, sea and sky meet. Working together as well as individually they created material reflecting their respective disciplines – a marriage of science and art.

2014 Gold Coast Art Prize Finalist

'Forest Horse' by Anna Glynn was selected as a finalist in the Gold Coast Art Prize 2014. The exhibition is a showcase for excellent contemporary art practice from across Australia. and the selected artworks represent many of the key trends in contemporary art.

Gold Coast City Gallery 6 December 2014 - 8 February 2015

‘What I think is common to all the shortlisted artists is a determination to develop their voice, to approach their art with rigour and commitment, and to share their vision with whoever cares to judge their efforts.”
Guest judge Dr Chris McAuliffe

2014 Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prize Finalist

My work 'Shady Marriage Grove’ has been selected as a finalist in 2014 Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prize. This work continues with my experimentation of contemporary interpretations and usage of Chinese ink and paper.

Judges this year include: John Macdonald: Art critic & columnist, Collin Rhodes: Dean, Sydney College of Arts, Mr Joo-yong Lee: Portrait artist,Dr Gi-hyun Shin: Lecturer, UNSW

Venue: Korean Cultural Office - Ground Floor, 255 Elizabeth St, Sydney Ph: 02 8267 3400
November 26th 2014 to January 30 2015
Open: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday
Opening Reception: Friday, 28th November 2014, 6-8pm
KAAF website

2014 Meroogal Women’s Art Prize Finalist

My multimedia work “Letters to Tot: a conversation across time with musical interludes” has been selected for the 2014 Meroogal Women’s Art Prize. This is a site specific installation including conversational letters written to Tot (Kennina Fanny Thorburn) and a soundwork referencing the content of the letters to Tot and highlighting the Meroogal music collection.
Exhibition flyer
Meroogal website

Thankyou to: Bethany Morris for playing Tot’s piano music, excerpt from ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ sung by local choir Cantares and an excerpt from 'Faure’s Requiem’ sung by soloist Kerry Nicholson. Also thank you to the staff at Meroogal and their patience in allowing me access to the collection.

2014 Albany Art Prize Finalist

My painting 'Marriage in Red' has been selected as a finalist in the 2014 Albany Art Prize. This is a major national contemporary painting prize which features a $25,000 acquisitive award plus a 4 week studio residency with expenses. I am especially pleased as 'Marriage in Red' is from my series which fuses Chinese traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic, playing with the intersection and interpretation of cultures and ideas - a hybrid work in concept, creation and execution. 

Created with semi-transparent, diaphanous paper and layering of inks to create a narrative of contemporary myths and characters that draw upon both Eastern and Western cultures. This poetic work relies on the natural materials - a sweep of a traditional brush laden with Chinese ink - precise but also random at the same time - water and ink – control and flow.

My artwork 'The Guardian' selected for exhibition at NSW Parliament House as part of a curated exhibition 'Artists of the Shoalhaven'

The work is also from my series fusing Chinese traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic. 

Selected for the 2014 Contemporary Watercolour Prize Exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery.

The work is from my series fusing Chinese traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic. 

Awarded 2014 Veolia Creative Arts Scholarship

Thank you to the Veolia Mulwaree Trust for giving me this award in recognition of "commitment and contribution to the creative arts".

My exhibition, ‘Year of the Horse’ featured as part of the Sydney Chinese New Year Festival 2014. The exhibition was at the Surry Hills Library.

My multimedia ‘Wonderment’ exhibition which incorporated Chinese ink paintings, video, projection, installation and soundscape was created whilst Artist in Residence in the Department of Visual Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong 2013.

A major component of Wonderment was the first showing of work done as part of my multimedia MEOAW Project: My Extraordinary Onomatopoeic Animal World. Onomatopoeic words mimic the sounds they represent; the sound of the word imitates the sound the object makes.

My exhibition 'Cloud World' at Tsi Ku Chai Gallery, Central, Hong Kong was opened by Mr Paul Tighe, Australian Consul-General to Hong Kong & Macau. I was honoured to be the first foreign artist to be invited to exhibit in the fifty five year history of this long established gallery that works closely with the precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

The Australian Federal Minister for the Arts announced in 2013 that I was selected as a finalist in the inaugural 'Australian Art in Asia Awards' for my Hidden Worlds Exhibition in Beijing, China in 2012. I was a finalist in two categories: Visual Arts and Individual.

'Hidden Worlds' was an artist-initiated project and the culmination of a number of years work in China and was included by the Australian Embassy as part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Australia-China diplomatic relations.

I was very honoured to be a finalist in these awards that recognises, celebrates and promotes the significant number of Australian artists engaging in Asia that contribute to stronger, deeper and broader cultural links within the Asian region. The finalists are a showcase of best practice arts and people-to-people engagement in Asia.

The Hidden Worlds exhibition was the result of a number of years work. I was lucky enough to have a great team of friends, collaborators and supporters both in Australia and in China. THANK YOU ALL!

My artwork 'Skippy & I - The Kangaroo & the Queen was selected as a finalist in the 2013 Nillumbik Prize at the Barn Gallery, Montsalvat. The artwork was created using rubbings of early Australian pennies on delicate Chinese shu xuan paper.

The kangaroo figure is made up of an amalgamation of rubbings of many early Australian pennies from different dates with the kangaroo side of the coin being used. I have then portrayed myself as ‘The Queen’ using the flip side of the coins which features Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.

New works werre showcased in an exhibition "Hidden Dream" at East and West Art Gallery in Melbourne along with Chinese artist Chen Chun Rong. These new artworks fuse Chinese gongbi traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic to create an innovative contemporary style - a new genre that utilizes the natural character of the Chinese art materials. My exhibition at East and West Art Gallery was featured in Art Almanac magazine.

In Antibes, France my work is included in an exhibition DONS D'ARTISTES from May 18th at the Theatre of the Tribunal Place, Admiral BARNAUD.

In 2013 I was awarded an artist in residence at Kunstnarhuset Messen in Norway where I created artworks that responded to the environment around Ålvik using a multimedia palette: drawing, painting, photography, video, time lapse moving image, digital animation and sound

In 2012 my solo exhibition Hidden Worlds was at Harmony Space Art Gallery, Huantie Art City, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.The exhibition was included as part of the official celebration of the 40th anniversary of Australia-China diplomatic relations in 2012.

In this magical exhibition I created dreamlike works, fusing Chinese traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic to create a new contemporary style. I have spent extensive time in China developing this new genre that utilises the natural character of the Chinese materials.

I use semi-transparent, diaphanous papers and layering of inks to create an enchanted world where, hidden within the image, new stories unfold… nothing is as it seems!

"In adopting Chinese painting techniques she has found an artistic carrier for her very creative and aesthetic taste allowing her to express this natural life. In the countless treasures of Australian multiculturalism, Chinese ink painting, with the “foreign monk, water ink lady” - Anna Glynn, uses a wonderful expressiveness that embraces the unique splendor of Chinese national culture."

Written by: Wang Wuji, Chinese contemporary art critic Beijing, 2012

In 2012 I was awarded an Avian Kingdom artist in residence in Sweden through ARNA. The Avian Kingdom is to become a UNESCO biosphere area. Michael Shirrefs talks to us about our experiences on ABC Radio National, Weekend Arts.

I worked in collaboration with scientist/biologist Peter Dalmazzo and spent time observing the local wildlife and birds, creating drawings, photographs, recording sounds and video. I created a new video work called ‘The Lost Swans & the Avian Kingdom’.

This is a wonderful collaboration with Swedish contemporary artists and composer Mats Edén.

In 2012 I spent time developing new practical skills and undertaking research at the IARB Where Where Curatorial Collective in Beijing, China. This contemporary art institute runs an international art program which operates as a residential research and production facility for the international artistic community.

My area of study was new interpretations using traditional Chinese ink and wash painting techniques and exploring innovative approaches with these traditional materials especially through video and sound.

A major retrospective of my work Shoalhaven Stories was held in 2012 at the Main Gallery Shoalhaven City Arts Centre. The Shoalhaven Stories series reflects my interest in how history and truth is created and interpreted.

Where is the line between a tall tale and historical fact? Where do storytelling, myth and folklore depart from historical ‘fact’? Shoalhaven Stories PDF of catalogue

“Contemporary Australian artist Anna Glynn has made the Shoalhaven her home for many years and during this time has been quietly observing and gathering stories – both her own and those from the community. In her Shoalhaven Stories series she expresses this rich collection of unusual and everyday events through painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, writing, sound and video.”

The Parallel Dreams Exhibition was held at Peking University, Centennial Hall in Beijing, China in 2011. It was very successful and has led to an invitation for me to work on future projects with Peking University.

The exhibition was included by the Australian Embassy in Beijing in 2011 as part of the Imagine Australia - the Year of Australian Culture in China.

The aim of Imagine Australia was to enhance friendly relations, promote exchange and further mutual understanding between Australia and China. The events showcased some of Australia's finest gems in performing arts projects and visual arts exhibitions.

Below is a video of the Parallel Dreams exhibition at the Shoalhaven City Arts Centre where I talk to Tracey Glenn the Manager.

In 2011 I was artist in residence at the 24HR Art – International Studio Residency Program at Huantie Art City, Beijing. This is a program through a new partnership between 24HR Art - Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art and Asialink giving international professional development opportunities to artists from regional and remote areas.

I was supported in this residency by the NSW Government through Arts NSW. The residency exceeded my expectations with many new opportunities. It gave me the time to create new works and make lots of valuable personal ongoing artistic connections in China.

My Yarra River Stories sound piece was played in 2011 on ABC Radio National 360 Documentaries. This half hour program with my writing, sound and music recordings was really well received with lots of great comments posted on the ABC website.

This was produced by Gretchen Miller and the sound engineer was Russel Stapleton. Download or listen at You can hear the story, in words and music as well as follow the tale through my paintings in their image gallery.

My animation work was included in Flight and Flow, the slideshow the Pool and 360documentaries team created from the Birdland and Rivers Projects. This showed on the big screen at Federation Square in 2011.

My two digital video artworks 'The Traveller' and 'Seven Dreams' were chosen as the first works to launch at SCOPE: the Albury City curated Digital Art Outdoor Gallery in 2011. QEII Square was transformed into a digital outdoor gallery. Multimedia works from around the country were showcased alongside short films.

The ‘Parallel Dreams' exhibition showed at the Shoalhaven City Arts Centre late in 2010. The artworks by myself and Wu GuoWei from China are based on our cross-cultural, international collaboration over the past four years. This exhibition on the themes of nature, childhood and the dream world includes a rich tapestry of materials, juxtaposing the two cultures.

It shows: works from before we met, works created together and new works created as a response to our strange synchronicity. I have also created a new digital video artwork ‘Seven Dreams’ which includes original paintings, drawings, photographs, sound and animation.

Two artists & two worlds merge in an international collaboration exploring a strange synchronicity… paintings, collaborative drawings & digital video artwork… Anna Glynn from Australia & Wu GuoWei from China

Shoalhaven City Arts Centre 2010

I was awarded an artist-in-residence by the City of Antibes - France in 2010 to spend three months creating new multimedia works. I was honoured to be the first Australian artist invited to be part of the program located in the historic Villa Fontaine.

I was awarded 2010 Laughing Waters Artist in Residence in Melbourne with theatre director Anne-Louise Rentell. We are developing a new Australian contemporary theatre work - 'Digging a Hole to China' - a unique site-specific performance in the Australian landscape.

My Australian video art work 'verse versus...' won the Meroogal Women's Art Prize 2009 My digital video artwork 'Verse Versus...' won the Meroogal Women's Art Prize 2009. The art work was created as a response to Edward Lear’s poem ‘The New Vestments’, a story in a children’s book in the collection of the Historic Houses Trust property at Nowra – Meroogal.

It incorporates a mixture of techniques & media: drawing, painting photography, sound, animation and video/film. In essence a creation using a contemporary palette of artist’s tools.

Thankyou to the women who graciously assisted in this work: voices - Megan Birmingham, Perrie Croshaw, Michelle Darlington, Sandra Lee, Dr Claire Manning, Indiana & Nicci Riley, figure in video - Ruth Sykes, knitted dogs - Cheryl Scowen

My painting 'The Brave Hunter' is the cover image for the latest edition of ‘A Concise History of Australia’ by Stuart Macintyre - Cambridge University Press.

I am pleased to have a work from my Bundanon / Shoalhaven Stories series chosen as the archetypal Australian image for this important publication.The previous edition cover featured a Sydney Nolan, Ned Kelly image so this follows in the tradition of interpreting Australian stories using our iconic landscapes.

"As the Crow Flies' - ink on paper was selected as a finalist in the 2009 Outback Art Prize at the the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

Anna Glynn Australian digital video art animation, music clip 'Magnificent' of an inspirational Stepen Taberner song by the Spooky Mens Chorale. A 2009 prize winning animation where mastodon meets music, bath time is fun and air traffic control is done the old fashioned way.

In 2008 my work was included on Poetica ABC Australia Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Commission)

In Shanghai I met Chinese artist Wu GuoWei for the first time and we had a strange and immediate affinity through the similarity of our artwork. In 2008, the Australia China Council gave me an opportunity to spend extended time working with her in Liaoning Province, China exploring this compelling phenomenon.

Through this artistic connection followed a personal relationship - a dialogue between individuals extending our understanding of each other and our cultures.

We were awarded a Nillumbik Council / Parks Victoria, Laughing Waters Artist in Residence in 2008 to continue our collaboration in Australia. This was a very creative time spent in an Australian bush environment.

Our thanks go to Nillumbik Council and Parks Victoria for making this possible.

Our collaborative work was selected for the 'From Mao to Now Exhibition' 2008 at the Armory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park, Australia.

Earlier in 2009 my series of drawings 'Sea Tales' were included in an exhibition at Gallery HM, Sydney. I chose works inspired by the historical collection of the Lady Denman Maritime Museum and used archival images and text as the starting point for the works. These included graphic drawings.

At the Shanghai International Art Fair 2007, I was one of three artists selected at the fair by the prestigious car company Roewe to create an artwork especially on one of their cars. I invited Chinese artist and friend Wu GuoWei to assist in the creation of this special artwork - a dream in pink with fluttering birds and dragonflies on a sleek black car.

I represented Australia in an international art exhibition titled 'Being' at the Zhu Qizhan Art Museum in Shanghai, November 2007. Zhu Qizhan Art Museum is one of the major public museums in Shanghai and serves as a platform for both traditional and contemporary art.

The exhibition theme ‘Being’ looked at the importance of nature, animals and the environment. I also presented a multi media work with narration based on my Strange Memories film for the opening ceremony of the exhibition working with a local performer Shao Bai who narrated in Mandarin.

Exhibition representing Australia at the Shanghai International Art Fair 2007

Exhibition representing Australia at the Guangzhou International Art Fair 2007

I was also a 'star' artist on the Australian Women's Art Register. The Women's Art Register is a collection of national significance used by artists, curators, teachers, students, researchers, designers and the general public.

Strange Memories Project Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC)

Strange Memories was selected for the Merrigong Theatre Development Program at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, Wollongong Australia. In 2006 and 2007 we completed the first stage which was script development: exploring the theatrical ideas within the script with Director Anne-Louise Rentell.

The Australian Trade Commission

My work has been included in ‘Contemporary Australian Art,’ a book produced by Austrade. For more information go to Austrade's web site.

I have also been included in AusGallery NSW’, a CD of selected Australian artists for promotion to 58 countries.