Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

Speaking Water Exhibition

International collaborations and video works

Five international women artists creating and collaborating in moving-image across the planet!

International collaborations and video works by: Jasmine Cederqvist, Anna Glynn, Simone Hooymans, Emily Jay & Anastasia Savinova. Curated by Anna Glynn.

Five artists began a journey in 2021 with online conversations where water became the central motif to explore and strengthen their connections, reflecting on their original homelands and countries where they work. They shared videos, audio, spoken word, writing and song in an online folder, as a communal source of material to draw upon.

Speaking Water is a vessel for video artworks, interwoven at times with recurring imagery and sound; a watery excursion composed of animation, experimental video, performance and more. The series ebbs and flows just as water does, contemplating a voyage through time from the ancient ice and glaciers, rivers, waves and seas, to clouds and rain.

"...As a transnational collaboration between five contemporary artists, the work reveals the complexity of water across these different environments and perspectives. Transformation becomes the key to the transitions between artists’ works in Speaking Water. That is, until there’s not enough..."
Read the Essay 'To Flow' by Dr Brooke Boland

2023 Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre, Moruya, NSW, Australia February 11th – March 12th 2022 Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, NSW, Australia October 1st - November 26th

Speaking Water Exhibition Anna Glynn

Anna Glynn still Image from The Ocean Whispers My Name

Speaking Water Simone Hooymans still 1

Simone Hooymans still image from Ancient Waves