Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norway

Anna Glynn & Peter Dalmazzo
Artist & Scientist in Residence
Spring/Summer 2013
Kunstnarhuset Messen
Ålvik, Norway

During spring and summer of 2013 Peter and I were invited to stay at Kunstnarhuset Messen as Artist & Scientist in Residence. It was an enriching experience for us not only in our professional work but also on a personal level to meet the local people and spend time exchanging ideas and stories.

Kunstnarhuset Messen has a wonderful vision for the community and region. We were privileged to be able to spend time there and be embraced into the program and by the Norwegian culture.

I had time to experiment and play with many different media including using the front lawn as a greenscreen for videos. There were some beautiful effects when tiny yellow dandelions floated across the later layered images. This technique of utilising nature to provide technical backgrounds is exciting also in the randomness of the results.

At Messen I experimented with material for my multimedia MEOAW Project. I spent many hours filming and recording members of the local community whilst they humoured my strange obsession. Other international artists also contributed along with the local volunteers to vocalise the onomatopoeic words for common animals from their cultures. This opened a door to looking at the intersection of language and perception, and language reflecting nature to provide a point of discussion - a discourse.

I created a new series of works on Chinese papers, continuing my exploration into fusing Chinese traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic. The works were influenced by the magnificent Norwegian landscape that embraces Kunstnarhuset horses began to merge with trees to become tall and statuesque...fantastic horseships began to sail across the Hardangerfjord.