Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

East and West Art Exhibition

Australian artist Anna Glynn Exhibition at East and West Art Melbourne 2014

From the National Gallery of Victoria Magazine

In this exhibition at East and West Art Gallery Glynn shows her continuing journey in developing a genre fusing Chinese traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic utilising the natural character of the Chinese materials, generating a meeting between East and West, traditional and contemporary.
Nov 6th – Dec 24th

Glynn is especially interested in the intersection of cultures and ideas – the crossing of cultural borders and the sharing of the consequent experiences. Her art-practice has been inspired by working and collaborating internationally, including considerable time in Asia especially China.

"Since 2006 I have spent intensive time in China developing, experimenting and showcasing distinctive new works. These are hybrid in concept, creation and execution, fusing Chinese traditional ink painting techniques with a Western aesthetic, playing with the intersection and interpretation of cultures and ideas. I gather material which is woven into playful works crossing and combining cultural artefacts. These works breaking boundaries and playing in this way have been embraced by the Chinese audience."

“Anna’s desire to live and learn in Asia is a perfect example of the way Australians are seeking to engage our closest neighbours. Through the shared experience of painting, Anna and others like her are helping to promote greater understanding between our cultures while developing long-term direct links and friendships between the people of Australia and Asia,”
Australian Consul-General, Mr Paul Tighe, Hong Kong, 2013

"Anna Glynn’s paintings are tranquil, aesthetic and poetic, brilliantly integrating Chinese and Western art. Through water and ink, she sees the world.”
Mr. Kung Man, Tsi Ku Chai Gallery, Hong Kong, 2013

“...Anna Glynn is an artist who uses continuously innovative ink painting to present her art vitality in the contemporary Sino-Australian art circles. In her art practice, Anna Glynn has changed the usage of the shu xuan ink overlapping technique.”
Wang Wuji, Chinese contemporary art critic Beijing, 2012