Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

'New Mythologies'

Anna Glynn Australian The Sun Worshipper short film, video artwork, moving image

Detail of Rabbit Guardian

"Active in the emerging Australia - Sino art scene with her home studio perched in the rainforest at Jaspers Brush , Australia, Anna Glynn has worked and exhibited extensively in China. With her frequent exposure to China, Glynn uses the advantageous contingency of both countries to create a body of work with a universality of appeal in line with current concerns centering on environmental precariousness. There are states of mind that seem personified by a visual that seamlessly marries sensibilities from each culture.

Anna Glynn broaches the diversity of being in the animal world through simplified characters, filled with semitransparent layers which are then presented as elegant scrolls, making animism a friend rather than a foe. Glynn characterizes the animal with recognizable human traits providing a bridge between a complex sophisticated take on the otherness of species with a more child-like, approachable rendition. She has referred to her creations as “hidden worlds”.

Glynn calls forth the white from the black, the light from the heavy, the delineated from the suggested, and allows a broader range of interpretation. Like Dylan's lyrics 'She can take the dark from the night-time'."