Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

Strange Memories Images

Finale to Tomato Season by Anna Glynn

Finale to Tomato Season oil on canvas 91cm x 91cm

Strange Memories, a multi media project is comprised of many exciting aspects: paintings, writing, music, performance animation and film.

It is a project based on a true story.

"… as stories tend to do, they link and wrap themselves around each other. They weave like a vine sending tendrils out in new directions.

So one story becomes another, grows a new shoot, flowers and sets seed. And so on; another person, another time, another story.' Anna Glynn from her book Strange Memories

dream downunder by anna glynn

Dream Downunder Oil on Canvas 91cm x 91cmdream downunder by anna glynn

Evocative, dreaming, landscape, layers of time, human narrative, memory & history

Australia & China

The new works in the Strange Memories series explore a variety of areas.

One is the relationship between Australia and China through a land that I know and love. It has its origins in a special place in Australia. A magical world with a flowing river, a forest, wild birds and animals.

My childhood home.

In the 1800s this land had been the home for a group of Chinese miners. They dug a large tunnel through a hill to divert the river. In my work I have embraced this man-made landmark as an iconic symbol, something mysterious. A geographical question mark

My art investigates the parallel dreams of our worlds – the connection to the land and the memories and stories that resonate within a place."

Works from this series have was shown at the Shanghai Art Fair in China in 2006 and the Korean International Art Fair In 2007.