Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

Hallucinating Catholic

Flying Not Permitted

Flying Not Permitted drawing oil bar on paper 170cm x 132cm

In my dreams I fly
around and around,
swooping and soaring.
The nuns gesticulate angrily.
They try to get me to land.

They don't believe that you can fly
without a license from god.

Chopsticks Not Permitted

Chopsticks Not Permitted oil bar on paper 170cm x 132cm

Piano lessons
from a tall blue, bony nun.
Sitting with my legs dangling,
damp, echoing, draughty, stone walled convent.

The nun wears a thick black habit
which smells of mice and old orange rind.
She holds a long cane.
When the wrong notes are played the cane whips down and across my small fingers.

A lesson in the love of music