Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

‘Landscape within an Opossum of Van Dieman's Land 1777 and a nod to Glover’

In this reimagined landscape I indulge my perpetual curiosity to lead me back in time to an intersection of worlds. By re-interpreting images of Australian colonial artists through a naïve, playful engagement, I express a nostalgia for an antipodean wonderland, before the imprint of colonization was stamped over the landscape and its inhabitants. This is a world of fantasia, a place on the cusp of reality and imagination, a strange natural history tableau.

Referenced images: Webber’s “sketch of an OPOSSUM of VAN DIEMAN’S LAND” Tasmania 1777, Glover’s “Constitution Hill sunset, Van Dieman’s Land near Mrs Ranson’s public house” 1840

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