Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

Artist in Residence - Interface, Ireland 2017

We were interested in creating artwork which was responsive to the sites, with landscape and nature as key elements, directing our research to paths both micro and macro.

We spent time examining the nature of the place, recording through video, photography, painting, sound and time lapse. Many elements captured our interest including: the intimate development of frog eggs and tadpoles creating delicate abstract patterns, tidal movements of water in the inlets, the dramatic changing weather patterns, light shifting as it moved across heather clad mountains.

See short excerpt of 'Flourish Metamorphosis', moving image artwork, finalist in the 2017 Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize. A visually poetic moving image work expressing my curiosity and wonderment with the natural world. A meditation on nature, the video explores the delicate abstract patterns created through an intimate view of tadpole metamorphosis.
Thank you to collaborator scientist/biologist Peter Dalmazzo
Music: 'Champlain' by Ben Cosgrove.

Many thanks to Interface and Alannah Robins for creating such a wonderful opportunity to participate in this inspiring artist in residence program and to the local community for their warm and inclusive welcome.