Australian Artist Anna Glynn

contemporary multimedia artist

The Lost Swans & the Avian Kingdom

‘The Lost Swans & the Avian Kingdom’
A project created through ARNA - Art and Nature international artist in residence program at the Avian Kingdom in Harlösa, Sweden

In 2012 I was awarded an Avian Kingdom artist in residence in Sweden through ARNA. The Avian Kingdom is to become a UNESCO biosphere area. I worked in collaboration with scientist/biologist Peter Dalmazzo and spent time observing the local wildlife and birds, creating drawings, photographs, recording sounds and video. The local community invited us into their world where we were made very welcome.

I created a new video work called ‘The Lost Swans & the Avian Kingdom’ which references local stories and myths generously shared with me by the community. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Swedish contemporary artists such as Arnold Hagström. The music was created in a unique process where Swedish composer Mats Edén improvised by following my arm movements mimicking the dance, movement and story I created of the journey of the lost swans.

Michael Shirrefs talks to us about our experiences on ABC Radio National, Weekend Arts.